Bubble Gun Automatic “T-Rex Chew”


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Purchase this item and get 24 Points

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Recommend Age: 6Y+


Is Electric: No battery


Features: No Spill

Features: Flashing

Shape: Dino


Warning: DON'T EAT IT

Certification: 3C

Automatic Bubble Machine Bubble In Bubble Gun With Cartoon Fan Soap Water Bubble Blower For Kids Summer Outdoor Toys

How to make bubble liquid

Bubble Liquid formula 1:

(1)Take a cup and pour boiling water into the teabag. (2). Add 1-2 spoons of sugar to the empty cup, pour some Dish soap, pour the tea, and stir it with chopsticks to create bubbles.The bubbles blown by the water are big and not easy to burst.

Bubble Liquid formula 2:

(1). Cut the soap into small slices and put it in a cup, pour in hot water to melt the soap flakes. (2). Add appropriate amount of sugar and a bag of tea bags to the cup, cover the lid and leave it overnight.

Bubble Liquid formula 3:

Stir 1 cup of water + 1/3 cup of Dish soap + half a spoon of sugar. This is a proven

formula. Unlike the bubble water sold outside, it has a pungent smell, and it is safe.

Bubble Liquid formula 4:

Use black tea water to fragrant soap and a little sugar, soak for one night and make it.

The bubbles blown by the water are big and not easy to break.

Bubble Liquid formula 5:

Glue: Water: Dish soap: Hand Sanitizer (or Shampoo) = 1:4:2:2, the effect is very

good, you can also add sugar, increase the effect and add blue ink, according to this formula is easy to succeed, if Use hand soap or shampoo to make bubbles better. If you add some sugar and vinegar,the bubbles will not break easily

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